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Keepers of The Darkside  -  Gaming community since 2003
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KDS was founded October 29th 2003 as a guild in Star Wars Galaxies on the Chimera server, it is here we began our journey. During the last nine years KDS has undergone a major transformation. Through this transformation we have built an online community gaming platform on a well-defined set of values that all Keepers embrace. Today we are able to support a huge player base counting more than one thousand likeminded active Keepers. This platform now places KDS in a unique position by allowing us to offer Keepers access to a gaming experience using our unique military oriented guild structure. In addition decisions in KDS are never taken using democratic methods of majority voting.

The two KDS Commanders set the course of KDS as they have done for many years. Thus allowing Keepers to enjoy the full game experience in a stable environment without internal drama that comes when huge egos collide.

By exploiting a deep knowledge of various online games we are able to provide game specific strategies and tactics, in this way we provide a valued experience for our Keepers, which go beyond the normal online games. Furthermore, we are putting our footprint on the games we engage ourselves in.

The KDS Way is driving our accomplishments and success. We believe victory is achieved by the strength and passion that our Keepers bring to the games we embark upon. Our accomplishments bring us together as a united community, which extends past the boundaries of any game. We keep the spirit of KDS intact by accepting only applicants who meet our expectations and embrace our values as stated in the Code of Conduct. Once a Keeper you have a lifelong membership of KDS.